Honor Flight Louisiana
Inaugural Flight


October 6th, 2018


With your help, we can honor our veterans with "One Final Mission", a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit their war memorials and nation's capital.




D-1: Guardian Training and National World War II Museum Tour

Honor Flight Louisiana is working with the National World War II Museum in New Orleans to provide a unique experience to our Veterans and Guardians. Of all the Hubs around the nation, Honor Flight Louisiana is fortunate that this national treasure is located right in our backyard. The day will begin with the mandatory Guardian training located at the Museum, which provides Guardians with the tools needed to enhance the experience of the Veteran.

Once the training has concluded, and the Guardians have had a chance to meet and collaborate with one another, its time for a short lunch. After lunch, its time to meet their Veterans and tour the Museum! This will be a special experience, as it will be the first time the Veteran will personally meet their escort for the Flight. We hope that, during a tour of the Museum, the Veterans and Guardians will establish a life-long friendship (and maybe share a story or two)!

At the conclusion of the tour, everyone will have some time to get ready for the banquet. Hosted at a National World War II Museum venue, the banquet will serve as an informational meeting, dinner, and thanks to the sponsors that make what we do possible.

Once the banquet has concluded, everyone will be encouraged to get some much needed rest, because the next day will be a long and emotional one!


Timeline (D-1)

Coming soon!

D-Day: Veterans are called up for One Last Mission!

The day will begin an early one, with all Flight participants arriving at the New Orleans International Airport for flight preparations.  Our goal is to have all of our Veterans pre-cleared through the Transportation Security Administration in order to provide a smooth transition through security. 


Once on board the Flight, Honor Flight Louisiana has a few activities and festivities planned for the 2.5 hour flight from New Orleans International to Ronald Reagan Washington National in Washington, D.C.


Upon arrival in Washington D.C., charter buses guide our mission into our nation's capital, touring landmark sites such as the White House and Capital Building. Our Flight will then move on to the National Mall to visit the World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Korean War Veterans Memorial before moving on to Arlington National Cemetery. The Flight will be able to experience a ceremonial Changing of the Guard from a special viewing point, and may even experience a salute from one of the Tomb Guards or a ceremonial Laying of the Wreath!

From Arlington National Cemetery, it will be getting close to late in the afternoon, and time to return to the airport. The flight back to New Orleans will have some special events planned to keep our Veterans entertained and honored.


Once back in New Orleans, it will be time to say our farewells. It will be a very emotional and lengthy day, and the toll of which will start to take affect. We want to ensure everyone safely returns either home or to a hotel before heading home the next day.


Timeline (D-Day)

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D+1: Reflecting on the Experience of a Lifetime

We know how important of an honor this will be to our Veterans, and we aim to round out the experience appropriately. We will be working diligently to have pictures and videos uploaded, Flight experiences documented, and thanks dispersed. We will be available all day to answer any questions you may have, and may even go back to the National World War II Museum for another tour!

It is in this reflection we will truly feel the sense of accomplishment, and hope that the Veterans will feel an equal swelling of pride. The weekend will be filled with laughing, crying, joy, and remembrance. Moments such as these should not be taken lightly, so we hope all who are a part of the experience will take the time on D+1 to reflect.

On to planning the next mission!