SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

Honor Flight Louisiana's initial press release went out this morning to media outlets statewide. The release provided an overview of the organization, as well as plans for the inaugural flight to tentatively take place in May 2018. Click the PDF below to see the full release!



AUGUST 11, 2017

Our friends at Old glory Honor Flight in Appleton, Wisconsin were featured on Fox News Channel this morning! This flight was made especially special given the entire flight was made up of Vietnam War veterans. It just so happened that one of the flight attendants was also a Vietnam War veteran, and was extremely moved to see his "brothers and sisters" being honored.

Watch the video here to see just how much of a moving and emotional event an Honor Flight can be.


JUNE 25, 2017

President Donald J. Trump signed into law the Veteran Affairs Accountability Act on June 23, 2017. During his remarks, President Trump told the incredible story of the birth of the Honor Flight Network. The President went into detail about the Network's founder, Mr. Earl Morse, and of his service in the United States Air Force.

Fittingly, Mr. Morse was in the middle of an Honor Flight operation taking place in Maryland during the President's speech. This dedication is integral in everything the Network does for our Nation's veterans.